Bonus Zonal Anomalies

I follow Trey over at From The Sorcerer's Skull who has just published some thoughts about the design of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-style anomalies. Here are some bonus anomalies based on Trey's design:


  1. Jittery: A wiggly anomaly, this one only dances arbitrarily around a single point.
  2. Bouncy: This one bounces up and down, back and forth, or in hops and skips over the landscape.
  3. Orbiting: Swings around a central point.


  1. Flame Eruption: Spontaneous flames and residual burn marks. Some hair singes with a wisp of smoke.
  2. Dusting: Produces fine grains or particles of material throughout.


  1. Exploding: An object in the anomaly explodes like a shot. Arbitrary or regular intervals, creatures not excluded from the effect.
  2. Squealing: Makes a terrible enough racket to cause visual aberration or blindness. Sister of the Sound manifestation.
  3. Meteor Attracting: Flaming rocks fall from the sky toward this anomaly.
  4. Repairing: Reverses entropy in a system, such as knitting broken bones, un-breaking windows.
  5. Insect Attracting: Bees, bees everywhere
  6. Vegetation Mimicry: Vegetation takes on animal characteristics, such as walking or speaking.
  7. Waterspout: Produces water or other liquids in various velocity and volume.
  8. Vibrating: Breaks glass, causes localized earthquakes, unscrews screws.
  9. Defenestrating: Throws things off high places, including creatures.
  10. Mad Rain: Collects tools, goats, molten copper, anvils, fish, whatever, then drops them.
  11. Crystal/Mineral Growth: Causes extreme growth abruptly or over time in mineral and crystal structures.
  12. Slices: Produces perfect cracks in a variety of materials, such that an entire city block could have neat slices from several angles.
  13. Language Scrambler: Everyone speaks in Latin, no understanding granted.
  14. Lightning Attractor: Bolts of lightning, as the title.

New descriptions for existing anomaly designs


  1. Heat: The wax runs out your ears; no other heat detected.


  1. Mutagenic: Gradually turn everything into a single material, such as the contents of a tower and the tower into glass.