Changeling Soup: A Gateway

Tabletop Adventures is running a contest this month to describe entrances to fairyland. As I've been working with fairies for a while I thought it would be fun to bang out a little entrance myself.

Changeling Soup Pot

When changelings successfully abduct a child, they need to make special arrangements to return to the fairy realm with a human child in tow. A specially seasoned soup of buckwheat, mushrooms, and hair from the child is prepared and heated to boiling point. Once the soup is frothing violently, the changelings jump into the pot with the child and vanish to the Faerie land.

Journeying to Faerie in this manner bestows an unnaturally long life for the child, as well as the curse of iron shared by all natives of Faerie. Should a hero leap into the pot to follow the changelings, the hero will arrive in Faerie covered in buckwheat soup, but otherwise unscathed. If the hero shares the same hair color as the child, the hero gains the curse of iron until returning to the mortal realm.

If someone should taste the soup, it will always be scalding hot and distasteful. Upon sleeping, creatures from Faerie may arrive to steal the dreams of the taster and sell them to elves, who have no dreams of their own.

A changeling soup pot only exists in the mortal realm; changelings have other, more nefarious ways to leave Faerie once they desire to return to the mortal realm.

Witches prize cold changeling soup.