Ten interesting points regarding Grina

  1. Of the nine cities of Grina, only Creamgate and Teargap are governed by women.
  2. Pope Peter the Kind (Peter VI) leads the Christians of Grina from the papal seat at Bearhorn.
  3. Weapons are outlawed in the city of Bearhorn unless you are a member of the nobility, a member of a knightly organization, a government man, in the service of the nobility, or in the service of the church. Possessing a weapon within the city is penalized with a 20gp fine and 2 days of penance, as well as confiscation of the weapon.
  4. In ancient times, barbarians from the mountains lived as far south as Goldpasture. The bear king waged war against the barbarians and drove the barbarians back to the snow, although their ancient monuments, dwellings, and burial mounds remain.
  5. Items of magical potential are generally rare, unreliable, and dangerous; but that doesn't stop one or two influential merchants from auctioning the best specimens off at private showings to the elite.
  6. Occasionally, mysterious magical events cause natural disasters, such as simultaneous boulder-sized hail, heat waves, and iridescent auroras.
  7. A cult of eel-worshipers was recently exposed in the subterranean city of Washbait after the cult leader went mad and attacked his followers.
  8. "Adventurer" is not a profession or job description, although private bodyguards and mercenaries are not uncommon.
  9. Grina does not have Tolkienesque demihumans such as dwarves, halflings, or orcs; although some of the common folk swear they have seen fairies and elves dancing in the twilight hours.
  10. As a vassal state of the empire of the Dawndrops, Grina is officially at war with the people of the far east.