Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Dragon reviews everything: Video Games

I own a bunch of video games on the Epic Games Store and even more on the UPlay and Origin stores, but they don't really have good review engines, so I'm reviewing them here. Normally I would review these things on Steam instead. Note: I'm writing these reviews for family audiences that don't all play video games.

Audience: children 0 and up
Try before you buy

This game is bonkers fun in multiplayer. Its like QWOP, but in 3D with packages to deliver. I think of this as one of those games where you 'get it' or you don't - you run around with your mates and laugh at each other's pratfalls and mistakes. I give it a solid 8/10 funny dice in multiplayer, but don't bother playing by yourself. A good game for a couple of friends over for a video game night, but an even better game with children or young friends!

Epic Games Store: Enter the Gungeon

Audience: masochists 10 and up
Watch someone play or try before you buy

Another game that's good in co-op, this is a 'bullet hell' 'rogue-like-like' game that you could play with your tween or your patient ten year old. Bullet hell and roguelikes are games for people who are willing to put up with losing lots of progress in the short term but gaining progress in the long term - you have to be a special sort of patient and determined to enjoy these, but the feeling of success from mastering these is a special sort of joy.

Epic Games Store: The Talos Principle

Audience: Natural philosophers ages 12-13 and up
Watch someone play and watch an official trailer before you buy

Not a co-op game, this excellent single player puzzle game is non-violent, a thinking man's game. The puzzles are well designed, with a challenging but not impossible difficulty curve. While the game is rated Everyone 10+ in America, I think the conceptual questions and narrative philosophy are something that might make parents question the rating. Expect to entertain questions like 'what is the purpose of human life?' and 'why the heck are there 4 sockets but only 2 plugs??'. Seems to capture the interest of small children in a soothing, Mr. Rogers or Bob Ross sort of way.

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