Saturday, March 2, 2019

Storm King's Brainstorm

One of my friends was running Storm King's Thunder, so I shared some ideas to put a spin on it:
  1. Giant currency might be unhelpfully large, like ‘batman giant penny’ large - see #4.
  2. Giant cows
  3. Corpulence as combat advantage - a corpulent giant might throw their weight around, pushing other characters. A corpulent giant might have minor DR.
  4. Size = status for some giants.. What does it do to giant culture? Bigger things indicate status, like hats, thrones, beds, houses.A minor giant might be willing to send you on a fetch quest for a big thing in order to improve his status.Treasure often is in the form of furnishings or art, consider how hard it would be to get a valuable painting, rug, or statue transported if it was even bigger.
  5. Giant treasure might attract treasure hunters, awesome idea for faction conflict. What if Jack came to steal the golden goose right as the murderhoboes showed up?
  6. Do giants have giant barrows?
  7. If one was a farmer and knew giants were after your stuff, you might get the idea to camouflage your farm, or ask your wizard son to cast illusions everywhere to make the cows look like shrubbery.
  8. If a giant house is big enough, you could potentially sneak through the house from inside the walls.
  9. Its all well and good with the giant-looting and the giant-pillaging and the giant-stabbing, until you get back to town to discover giant-friend protest groups that want you to change your ways.
  10. Horses and oxen aren't big enough to help giants plow fields, maybe you could solve the problem for them?
  11. Giant bees

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