Friday, March 22, 2019

Subverting the Rust Monster

Oh Rust Monster, I love you. You're classic, friendly, cute in that insectoid way, practical, and thematically appropriate for dungeons everywhere.

You have a lovely history and long, spindly whiskers, capturing the hearts of artists everywhere.
But what if you were different?

Rust Walker

Perhaps like this but musclebound and with an underturret

A squat, brick-red beast the size of a carriage stomps over the horizon - below it's mighty set of 3 legs, a biological cannon dips and twists, seeking prey. The whiskers surrounding the cannon constantly dart through the air looking for the nearest delicious morsel of metal (favorite food: artisanally-seasoned portcullises).

What if a rust monster was a long-range threat?
AC 14
HP 40
Speed 40'
Stomp Attack +4 2d6 bludgeoning
Cannon Attack +6 Range 150/600 1 Acid + Pus Splash

Pus Splash
As your system's rust monster rust attack - but at range! Lets say it spews a silvery glob of pus that crackles and pops on contact with air. It's like meat tenderizer or saliva, but for metal.

Banner Moth

A ruddy squealing terror of the skies as big as a man, the banner moth leads a cloud of frenzied lesser moths to battle against anything made of cloth or flexible natural fibers (favorite food: ethically-sourced sweater vests).

What if a rust monster ate something else important instead, like scrolls or magic robes?
Size Large (treat as Swarm)
AC 12
HP 40
Speed 40' Flying
Bite Attack +3 2d6 piercing + Ripping
Swarm Attack +5 reach 30' 1d12 piercing + Ripping


As your system's rust monster rust attack - but against cloth instead! A horde of moths squeal, rip, and tear at your clothes, your blankets, your hair!

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