Saturday, March 2, 2019

Mad Max Wasteland Brainstorm

One of my friends was running a 5E post-apoc game inspired by Mad Max, Rage, Borderlands, etc, with lots of vehicles. I shared some ideas to put a spin on it:
  1. Pod racers shear things in front of them with the giant laser beam
  2. Giant enemy crab - 50’ tall, hit the weak point for massive dmg
  3. Glue-bomb spider bots can attack from walls with glue
  4. Roaming gelatinous orb works like gelatinous cube but outdoors
  5. Deadly burrowing rust worms are like, 6-10 feet long and corrode on contact
  6. Vortex cannon creates gravity well - vehicles are sucked towards the well like a black hole or flushing toilet
  7. Turtle riders wear blue crystalline backpacks that launch spikes like micro homing missiles - shooting down a missile near a turtle rider might set off the whole backpack and kill the rider.
  8. Massive orb cactus is hollowed - contains an entire oasis town and drive-in movie theater - constantly wet
  9. 15’ tall mechanized agave plant farm produces tequila, but the plants have become sentient and cry with pain dried up and the facility is used for smuggling, hiding the goods in the agave.
  10. Someone keeps setting off all the air raid / tornado sirens late every night, and it's the most annoying sound keeping you up at night. This has got to stop, and before tornado season.
  11. Mega bees - first seen in Storm King's Brainstorm
  12. Mad scientist needs help building a railgun, won’t pay you till after he test fires it. The mafia shows up to collect his debts during the test fire, which hilariously backfires and the mob tries to grab the scientist before he pays you while the sky rains metal.
  13. Sonic warriors have run out of combat-ready snare drums and subwoofers - they need help to find more.
  14. You can drive through Razorweed bushes but you might regret it..

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